The heart of your business network

Track down the very best in high performance secure structured data cabling with Data Wolves. Talk to anyone outside of the IT industry about data cabling and it’s not long before you can see their eyes slowly glaze over… It’s not glamorous or sexy in the same way that other forms of IT can be. Generally people’s interest starts and ends at where the little black wire plugs into the back of their PC or telephone. However, in terms of business it really is one of those things that is both critically important and yet astoundingly misunderstood at the same time.

Here at Data Wolves we understand that what’s going into the conduits under the floor, through the walls or across the ceiling in your office is probably of very little importance to you… But believe us when we say that the data cabling in your business premises (especially in your data centre if you have one) is absolutely vital to the performance and security of your whole IT set-up.

Aside from making the physical connections between your PCs and your server(s) your network data cabling also links the other Ethernet devices in your business – including things like printers and wireless network stations. In addition it’s also likely that it’s carrying your telephony, VoIP (Voice Over IP) – even CCTV pictures for your security system.

Data cabling is at the very heart of your business network. What’s more, once it has been installed it’s likely that it’s going to be in place for the next 10 to 20 years. So it makes a lot of sense to ensure that the data cabling you have is:

  • Up to handling your data network needs for today’s modern business environment
  • Up to handling your data network needs in 10 to 20 years time

If you can’t answer with a positive and definite YES to both of the above then it’s time to have your data cabling and network assessed by the experts: Data Wolves.